Asute arhiveeritud lehel. Mine värske Arvamusfestivali lehele.


Friday, 16.August Saturday, 17.August
Time Main stage  1 Main stage  2
10:00 Tolerance: where is the balance point of tolerance
11:00 Public recording of Vikerraadio’s talk show “Rahva teenrid” (People’s Servants)
12:00 Education: from a teacher-centred model to a learning-centred model
13:00 The Estonian Social Enterprise Network and SEIKU: the future of social entrepreneurship in Estonia
14:00 Entrum: youth entrepreneurship
15:00 Is alcohol addiction rooted in the culture
16:00 Culture and economy – an unhappy love affair?
17:00 (time to raise a free topic by participants)
18:00 Estonian Cultural Chamber: happiness
19:00 Let’s do it: green economy
20:00 Situatsion in the State: the Estonian idea – leaders of parliamentary parties
Organisers reserve the right to make changes in the schedule based on the wishes of discussion facilitators.

Theme stages

  • The Postimees stage

  • The EPL (Estonia Daily) and Delfi stage

  • Vikerraadio live studio

  • The Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry stage

  • Open discussion on the development of Järvamaa

  • Open discussion of Praxis and Estonian Banking Association, “Pensioner 2020”

  • Open discussion on Estonia100 celebration ideas