Asute arhiveeritud lehel. Mine värske Arvamusfestivali lehele.

What is happening?

Programm Konelejad Mis_see_on
Programme Speakers Venue
The two days will give you the chance to hear many opinions and get involved in discussions on different stages and in different theme cafes. Find out who will express their opinion, when and on what topic, and be there! People from different areas of society will participate in the discussions at the festival. A broad spectrum of the world-views of the speakers ensures that all kinds of opinions and thoughts are represented. This, of course, makes the discussions interesting and enjoyable to listen to. What place could be more suitable for organising an event for Estonia as a whole than a place to which the journey is equally long for everyone? Paide Vallimägi is the perfect place for an intellectual vacation – there is enough room for different stages and workshops, as well as for cafes and the children’s area.
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