Asute arhiveeritud lehel. Mine värske Arvamusfestivali lehele.

Intellectual vacation

This summer, for the first time, a festival will take place in the heart of Estonia, with an emphasis on an exchange of ideas involving the society as a whole. It is like a verbal rock festival or an intellectual vacation where topics related to Estonia’s present and future will be discussed. The event is organised to start a new festival tradition – organic and ever popular, informal and inspiring discussion environment that involves active people. All sharp-witted people are welcome. Entry to the festival is free for everyone. Arutelud_250
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Inspiring discussions

Fresh ideas and inspiring speakers, different world-views and attitudes, all possible ways of thinking. Nourish your mind by taking part in a civilised and reasoned exchange of views between the representatives of so many different areas!


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Bring your whole family!

The youngest members of the family can spend quality time in children’s area where they can enjoy various activities and attractions. Parents do not have to worry – children will be looked after by trained and competent caregivers.

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Get involved!

Which topics discussed in the festival concern you the most? What matters to you? You want to share your thoughts with others or participate in workshops? Give us your opinion and sign up for workshops or a free stage!

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